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Successful Beverage Management
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Cost Per Ounce Calculator

Determine the cost per ounce of a liquor, liqueur, beer, wine or NAB.

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Cost Per Ounce Calculator — Liter

per liter ÷ 33.8 oz. = cost per ounce

Cost Per Ounce Calculator — 750mL

per 750mL ÷ 25.4 oz. = cost per ounce

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    When pricing a specific drink, you must first determine the cost per ounce of the ingredient being used. Use the per ounce cost to determine the actual drink cost based on the portions used.

   To calculate the cost of an ounce from a liter bottle, divide the bottle cost by 33.8 ounces. To calculate the cost per ounce for a 750ml bottle, divide the bottle cost by 25.4 ounces.

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